Relationship DNA Testing in St. Louis

As a Relationship DNA Testing Facility, we collect DNA samples for purposes of PATERNITY, SIBLINGSHIP, GRANDPARENTAGE, and AVUNCULAR Testing. That includes standard buccal swabs as well as obtaining FTA cards from a medical examiner or coroner for a deceased, alleged father in cases when an autopsy has been performed, and coordinating collections for out-of-state clients. Clients may want relationship testing when a biological parent has been located, or to determine whether a sibling is full, half or unrelated when both parents are deceased or not willing participants.

All in the Family?

"Your Mom and Dad found you on the doorstep; you're really adopted!" Unless you're an only child, you were on the receiving end of those taunts at one time or another. For you, it's not funny. Why not find out once and for all? Call AccuDNA and get the answers you seek. What you do with them is up to you. 
Mother and adopted son

Knowledge is Power

You're expecting and you couldn't be happier. There's only one problem. You're not sure who the child's father is. All of you deserve to know the truth. AccuDNA offers safe, non-invasive pre-natal paternity testing that can be performed as early as the ninth week of your pregnancy. Call today to schedule a test. Mobile testing available for a nominal fee.

Mobile sample collection available. call for more information. 
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