Trustworthiness Is In Our Genes

DNA Testing in St. Louis

Have you been accused of a crime you didn't commit, or hit with a paternity suit by an ex who's been out of the picture for months, even years? Only one thing can prove your responsibility, or lack thereof, beyond a shadow of a doubt: DNA. That's where we come in. We're AccuDNA, and since 2005, we've helped people in the Greater St. Louis metro area with DNA testing services in a clean, licensed facility. Our services are affordable, accurate, and most importantly, confidential. Call today for an appointment.

Going the Extra Mile

AccuDNA collects DNA samples at our location in St. Louis, MO. If for some reason you are unable to travel to our location, we can offer mobile DNA collection services for a nominal fee in the Greater St. Louis metro area and a few surrounding communities. 

Our Three Pillars

These are the three principles AccuDNA has built its reputation on. After all, if you've come to us for DNA testing, your life may literally depend on the outcome. Our DNA Testing is for everyone. We encourage all who are curious or just wants that peace of mind to give us a call to schedule a DNA test today!

DNA Doesn't Lie, 
And Neither Do We

If you're looking into DNA testing services, chances are you're facing a situation that requires a high degree of discretion and sensitivity on our part. Whether you're embroiled in a grueling child custody battle or divorce proceeding, you can rest assured that AccuDNA will collect your sample under 100% sanitary conditions, and handle your testing and results in 100% confidence. 

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